Change amino acid code

Ion Reporter™ Software gives you the option to annotate amino acid changes with the single-letter IUPAC amino acid codes, or the three-letter codes, based on your preference. By default, the three-letter code is used. To use the one-letter IUPAC code, you can change a parameter when you edit an analysis workflow. Then, for example, Val600Glu would be used in the annotation and displayed in the analysis results as V600E.

  1. In the Workflows tab, select the analysis workflow of interest, then click Edit.
  2. Click Parameters in the workflow bar.
  3. In the Annotation section, under Use IUPAC Single Letter Code for Amino Acid, select the option that you want to use for amino acid changes:




    Select to use the single-letter IUPAC code


    Select to use the three-letter amino acid code

  4. Click Next.
  5. Review your selected options for the edited analysis workflow, then click Confirm.